Champagne Mangoes

Champagne Mangoes

Champagne Mangoes, also known as Ataulfo Mangoes, are oval-shaped and slightly crook-necked with a golden yellow exterior and bright...

Cherries - Coral

This low-acid large cherry is similar to a bing in flavor but with a bit more tang!

Cherries - Rainier

A cross between a Bing and a Van Cherry, these Rainier Cherries have a high brix content and tons of color. The perfect summer fruit!...

Cherries - Red

These CA-Grown sweet reds will only be here til Mid-Summer!

Cherries - Royal Dawn

An excellent tasting Red Cherry from Argentina! This won't be around long so grab some while you can!

Red Tulare Cherries


Grown in California, these Tulare Cherries are mid-season moderately large heart shaped fruit with good flavor.

Clementines Grown in Peru

Clementines - Peru

Clementine is a hybrid fruit - a cross between a mandarin orange and a sweet orange. The miniature citrus fruit is known for its balance...

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Extra Fancy Jonathan Apple

The Jonathan Apple is petite and tough. The skin is very beautiful with paterns in shades of red, a very rich apple. Sweet with a punch...

Figs - Black Mission

Fig lovers rejoice! It's been an amazing Fig season here in California and these Black Mission figs are as sweet as candy!

Grapes - Cotton Candy

As seen on CBS Morning News, we're selling Cotton Candy Grapes through September. We're the exclusive Northern California Distributor to...