Retail Consulting



We provide our retail partners merchandising consultation and hands-on display expertise at no additional cost.

Call us today to re-set your produce department!


Our people are well-versed in how to merchandise fruit and vegetables for best results in the retail environment and understand that demographic, geographic and ethnic factors make each establishment unique.


As a company whose heritage derives from the marketplace, retailing is something we intuitively understand.

We also understand that our business is successful when our customers’ businesses are successful.  To that end, we strive to make sure that when it comes to fruits and vegetables, our customers are informed, trained and well-equipped to meet the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace.  

Our professional staff includes successful former retail produce managers and buyers with the know-how to help our customers succeed.

We offer a wide range of specialty products and consumer packs tailored to our customers’ needs and aimed at a single goal—to help make their produce presentation the  kind that keeps their customers coming back.


  •  Layout and Presentation Consulting
  • Marketing and Merchandising Assessment
  • Produce Management Training
  • Sales and Product Movement Reports
  • Promotional and Point-Of-Sale Materials 
  • Promotional/ Ad Pricing