We offer a world class export program with a dedicated team of specialists making sure our customers around the world receive fresh, beautiful, high-quality fruits and vegetables. Since the 1980s, we’ve been sending reliably top quality produce to clients in countries spanning the globe, including U. S. military installations in The Philippines, South Korea, Okinawa and elsewhere. We follow the strictest food safety and export guidelines and only ship quality produce selected and inspected by specialists who make it their business to be intimately familiar with the produce from the time it arrives until it goes out. At Shasta, we’re picky about our exports. If it isn’t top quality, it doesn’t ship.

 Distance is no barrier. Whether by air or sea we help our customers obtain high quality fruits, vegetables, specialties, exotics and an array of specialized products wherever the customer may be. Our export staff is committed to helping our customers get what they need, when they need it.



 Export Services

  • Product Shipment via Air and Sea Containers
  • Certified Food Safety – Loading and Distribution Center
  • Specialized Export Consultation
  •  Layout and Presentation Consulting
  • Produce Management Training 
  • Marketing and Merchandising Assessment
  • Sales & Product Movement Reports
  • Promotional and Point-Of-Sale Materials
  • Promotional / Ad Pricing