Fresh Basil is an Italian staple that cooks well with fresh cheese, all kinds of meat, vegetables, salads, pasta and tomato sauce.


With a mild onion flavor Chives compliment well with eggs, fish, potatoes, salads, shellfish, sole, soups.


Easily confused with flat-leaf parsley in appearance, so be sure to sniff carefully. Matches well with avocado, chicken, fish, ice cream...


Dill is best used at the end of cooking as a finishing flavor and color as the flavor is destroyed by heat or as a fresh ingredient to...

Fresh Marjoram


Add near the end of cooking or the heat will destroy its delicate flavor. Matches well with carrots, chicken, duck, fish, peas, potatoes...


Mint is available year round, but summer is height of the season. Pairs nicely with carrots, chocolate, lamb, lentils, oranges, tomatoes...

Fresh Oregano


Oregano is like marjoram, but more pungent and not as sweet. Pairs well with artichokes, beans, chicken, eggplant, pasta, peppers, pizza...

Fresh Curly Parsley

Parsley - Curly

While Curly Parsley is often used as a garnish, it can also be used for cooking but may have more of a bitter slant.

Fresh Italian Parsley

Parsley - Italian

Flat or "Italian" Parsley has a flat leaf and is preferred for cooking vs. Curly Parsley. Goes beautifully with all Italian dishes and...


Rosemary is a strong herb so use sparingly. Can use the whole stem or strip the leaves. Either way it matches well with beans, chicken,...