Gorgeous green globes from CA's Central Valley. Freshest you can get!

Baby Artichokes

Artichokes - Baby

Fresh Baby Artichokes coming in from the Central Valley. Lots of flavor and great for appetizers!

Lyon Artichokes

Artichokes - Lyon

Lyon Artichokes are grown in Santa Barbara County California and have a rich nutty flavor.

Baby Bok Choy

Locally grown in Modesto, Baby Bok Choy is an up and coming leafy staple!

Beans - Green

Rare that Green Beans this good looking are here so early! Don't miss out!

Green Beans

Beans - Green

These green beans are the freshest coming in from the Central Valley. Beautiful color and great snap!


Beets - Bunched

Exteriors are nice and red and are grown in Modesto, California.

Brussels Sprouts

Don't miss these super-fresh Brussels while they're coming in from Santa Cruz!

Jumbo Carrots

Carrots - Jumbo

Freshest, local jumbo carrots coming out of Bakersfield.



Bright white and solid bunches, what we are getting in is nice.